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Meet TANKSLEY, a dynamic artist, songwriter, musician, and producer whose sonic palette seamlessly fuses soul, hip-hop, and rock influences. With a voice that effortlessly transitions from raspy depths to soaring falsettos, TANKSLEY's music is a testament to his eclectic musical tastes and innate talent. Hailing from Syracuse, NY, he discovered his passion for music during his formative years, finding solace and self-expression in its rhythms and melodies.


Based on the East Coast, TANKSLEY is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose dedication to his craft knows no bounds. Whether armed with instruments or relying solely on his voice, his music serves as a poignant reminder of the power of authenticity and transparency in the pursuit of one's dreams.

In the studio, TANKSLEY is a tireless explorer, constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity and seeking out new avenues of musical expression. This same spirit infuses his electrifying live performances, where he captivates audiences whether performing solo or with his exceptional band.

Having graced the stage alongside Grammy award-winning artist Lalah Hathaway and headlined at prestigious venues such as Webster Hall and Minton's Playhouse in Harlem, TANKSLEY's musical journey has taken him to universities, festivals, and private events across the country. With his latest release "TILT" already making waves, anticipation is high for his upcoming EP, promising to further solidify his place in the music scene.

Catch TANKSLEY in action at venues like Toshi's, The Groove, and Nublu NYC, where his electrifying performances leave an indelible mark on all who experience them. From the New York State Fair to the bustling streets of Boston, TANKSLEY's music transcends boundaries, uniting listeners in its infectious energy and undeniable passion.


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